Burner Express Bus Tickets

Burner Express Bus Tickets will be on sale in early May 2020!


Welcome to the Burner Express Bus program! Please click the links below to purchase your tickets to ride on the Burner Express Bus. You must have a Burning Man ticket to ride the Burner Express Bus. Passengers with Will Call tickets will be able to pick up their ticket at the point of embarkation.

Only one bus ticket can be purchased at a time so if you purchased two Burning Man tickets and would like to buy two bus tickets you will need to go through the purchasing process twice.  Once you have purchased your trip TO Black Rock City, you must then purchase your trip FROM Black Rock City. The name on the Burner Express Bus ticket must match the person riding the bus.

Burner Express Bus riders will again be able to purchase the water in advance and collect it on arrival.  In addition, riders taking Saturday buses pre event will qualify for early entry without needing a Work Access Pass.

Pro tips when buying tickets:

  • Read carefully when making your purchase.  Do not rush through your order and do read everything — this will prevent mistakes.
  • Watch out for auto-fill! Especially if you are buying the ticket for someone else! Double check that the name on the ticket is the correct name before checking out.
  • Take the time to read the FAQ before you buy your tickets. This will eliminate any questions you may have during the buying process and help your buying experience go smoothly.
  • Not sure of your plans yet? Wait to buy your bus ticket till you have an Event ticket! All Bus Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.