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Burner Express Bus


Are you interested in volunteering for the Burner Express Bus?! We’re so excited to have you!

The Burner Express Bus team is committed to providing a welcoming, friendly, easy and safe way for participants to travel to and From Black Rock City from San Francisco and Reno. For many riders the Burning Man experience begins once they’ve boarded the bus. When they’ve arrived in Black Rock City, we get them to where they are going and home again at the end of the week. We do everything from check in to greeting to luggage assistance to city orientation as well as having fun activities at the Bus Depot on Playa.


What Is The Burner Express Bus?

The Burner Express is a transportation program managed by Burning Man and a charter bus operator that moves Burners from San Francisco and Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Black Rock City and back.  It started in 2013 in an effort to reduce traffic and limit the environmental impact of the Burning Man event. In addition. This service offers faster arrival, speedier entrance, reserved camping and quicker departures.

Participants board buses in Reno and San Francisco, and travel to Black Rock City where they are able to bypass Gate traffic using a dedicated lane and arrive at the Burner Express Bus Depot.  From there participants are welcomed, greeted, and oriented to the city. We assist them with boarding the BRC shuttles that take participants to stops throughout the city, getting them closer to their camps as well as enable them to LNT during their stay.

At the end of the week, we’re up bright eyed and bushy tailed during Exodus, to get folks on buses for 6AM departures toward home. We are their last hug and help in Black Rock City before they return to the default world.  On the ground in San Francisco and Reno, we’re there to get them started on their final journeys home with one final farewell.

Tell me more!

The Burner Express Bus program buses participants from San Francisco and Reno to BRC from the Saturday pre event to Thursday during event week.  San Francisco and Reno departures can start as early as 8AM, so shifts usually start 2 hours beforehand and run through the afternoon. On Playa shifts usually start about Noon and run until the last bus arrives, usually before sunset.  Exodus shifts begin on Friday starting at 10AM with early start times on Sunday and Monday with the first buses departing BRC at 6AM (meaning shifts start at 5AM). There are opportunities on playa, in San Francisco, and Reno during all days of the BxB operations.

Helping People, Burner Style!

Burner Express Bus is a fast paced, high excitement team to work on.  The conditions in Black Rock City can be crazy, dusty and hot (you know like Burning Man).  We aim to provide the best experience possible for those who have traveled sometimes 10s of 1000s of miles to Black Rock City. Participants ask questions, present problems, and sometimes are unhappy. Patience and enthusiasm is very helpful on this team, and is even better when partnered with a level head, and problem solving skills. If problems arise, have no fear, you are not alone; there are experienced, long time team members nearby who can help you. 

Who is on the team?

We are a close-knit, hard working crew of staff and volunteers with experience at events from all over the world. Many of us camp together during the event across the street from the BxB depot in an area of HOVerlandia, reserved camping for BxB riders. We enjoy meals together, evening outings and fun bus related activities, though volunteers are not required to camp with us. Can you say tram rides!

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Burner Express Bus Team, please select “Burner Express Bus” when you fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire. To fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire, you must first create a Burner Profile. Can’t wait to see you in the dust!

What can I sign up for?

You can choose to volunteer in 3 Different locations! Reno, San Francisco and of course the playa! More info coming soon!