BxA – Arriving/Leaving BRC

Arriving at BRC

Burner Express Air lands at the Black Rock City Municipal Airport in the Black Rock Desert. The BRC Airport is located at the edge of the City itself at the end of the 5:00 road. Upon arrival, passengers will exit the plane, collect their luggage, and be escorted by BxA staff to the arrivals area.  Newly arriving participants must pay a $60 Gate use fee at the AirBox and collect their Burning Man Tickets (if they are being held at Will Call). Once participants have paid their Gate fee, they may proceed through the Gate where their tickets will be scanned and they’ll be welcomed into Black Rock City.

From the Airport, passengers will have the option to take BRC Airport shuttles (included in the flight booking cost) that will transport Burners to various locations within Black Rock City. These buses will depart regularly during Airport operating hours with a schedule posted at the Airport. Mutant vehicles may also provide transportation, although they do not operate on a set schedule. Your best bet if traveling via mutant vehicle is to have your campmates arrange for one to collect you and your luggage from the BRC Airport. There is no driving in Black Rock City, so please refrain from asking your friends to pick you up!

Leaving BRC

Make sure you have arranged a reliable way to get back to the Airport for your departing flight, particularly for early morning flights. BRC Airport shuttle buses will regularly pick up passengers at the same locations as the drop-off points. (Mutant vehicles can be scarce around dawn and driving personal vehicles is not permitted during the event.) For departures after the Man burns, allow yourself some extra time to get to the Airport. There will be fewer landmarks to guide you after the Man burns. Arrive at the Burner Express Air terminal at the BRC Airport at least 45 minutes before your scheduled departure to allow time for check-in. You and your luggage will be weighed, and you’ll be checked in for your flight.

For Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the terminal will be staffed early morning to check you in for Exodus. The same check-in protocol applies. Bring your government-issued ID, make sure you have an ID tag on your luggage, check-in, have yourself and your luggage weighed, and wait until your flight is called. An escort will take you to your aircraft for boarding.

Don’t forget to bring warm layers and water for the trip home — spending time on an air-conditioned plane can be a shock after acclimatizing to the desert heat.