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Air Travel Information

Burner Express Air (BxA) is a charter air transportation service that will transport Burners from Southern California, the Bay Area, and Reno to Black Rock City (BRC) and back. The intent of BxA is to facilitate flight bookings for participants, reduce traffic on the roadways, and streamline operations at Black Rock City Municipal Airport. In 2024, flights to BRC will begin Wednesday, August 21, and will run through Monday September 2.

You must have a Burning Man ticket in order to travel on Burner Express Air — tickets or will-call order confirmations will be verified before passengers are allowed to board. BxA flights are operated by independent air carriers, and all BxA flights must be booked through the Burner Express Air website. For more information visit burnerexpress.burningman.org. Changes to BxA flight bookings are subject to a $150 change fee before August 9, and after August 9, no changes are allowed, so solidify your travel plans before you book your flights. Changes to the day or time of your flight will incur a per-person change fee.

On Saturday 8/24 your Burner Express Air ticket counts as your Setup Access Pass (SAP). Passengers traveling to Burning Man prior to Saturday, August 24, also need to produce a valid bar-coded Setup Access Pass.


Luggage is limited to the weight and size restrictions of the aircraft, as well as FAA regulations. One piece of luggage is included at no extra charge. Each passenger is allowed his/her own weight + one piece of luggage not to exceed 25 pounds. That baggage cannot exceed the size of a commercial airline carry-on with the maximum dimensions of 24 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches. Soft-sided and/or duffle bags are strongly recommended.

Additional bags and/or weight may be accommodated at extra charge, subject to aircraft weight and balance limitations (check FAQ section for more specific additional luggage information). Any bags in excess of 30 pounds must be arranged in advance or your bag could be delayed or not allowed to fly. These are small aircraft, not 747s. Passengers weighing more than 250 pounds may be accommodated pursuant to weight and balance restrictions–BXA carriers will do their best to safely accommodate passengers. If you are booking a passenger weighing more than 250 pounds, please contact burnerexpressair@nullburningman.org in advance to make necessary arrangements. Extra charges may apply.

It is the responsibility of each individual passenger to abide by the combined weight and luggage limits or make other arrangements prior to traveling. Passengers and their baggage will be weighed prior to any flight. Air carriers reserve the right, without refund, to remove a passenger or their luggage from flight due to non-compliance with the weight guidelines.

Checking In for Your Flight

Passengers should arrive at the airport at least 45 minutes prior to their flight. If you miss your booked flight, BxA will do its best to accommodate you on a later flight, but there are no guarantees. If the next available flight is on another day, you are responsible for your own accommodations and expenses.

Passengers must check in at the Burner Express check-in location at least 45 minutes prior to their flight to be accommodated.

At check-in, you’ll need to provide your Burning Man ticket or order confirmation number, along with a photo ID. All passengers are required to present valid, legal, unexpired, government-issued photo identification. For US citizens, that usually means either a passport or a driver’s license. For non-US citizens, that usually means a passport.

Upon arrival at the Black Rock City Airport, if Burning Man Gate staff determine that you do not have a valid event ticket, Burning Man requires that a Burner Express Air flight transport you back to Reno at the expense of the passenger.

Volunteering or Camping

Are you interested in volunteering for the Burner Express Air Program? Do you have fabulous skills when it comes to the skies? Or are you interested in camping with the crew? We’d love to have you! More information here.

Air Carriers

If you are an Air Carrier who wishes to fly into Black Rock City, please contact support@nullcamsamaviation.com to register. All air carriers must register with the Burner Express Air program in order to land at 88NV. If you are not registered with BxA, you and your passengers will be asked to depart the event.

Other Questions?

Please visit the FAQ or check in with Burner Express Air staff at the Airport on Playa at 5:00.