Burner Express Flight Bookings

Burner Express Air is ready to fly you into Black Rock City! Flights to and from the Playa will begin on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, and continue through Monday, September 5. Passengers traveling to Burning Man prior to Saturday, August 26 also need to produce a valid bar-coded Work Access Pass (formally an Early Arrival pass). On Saturday 8/26 your Burner Express Air booking counts as your Work Access pass. Flights leaving Black Rock City will begin at the same time and continue through Monday, September 5. All Burner Express Air flight bookings are managed by Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC (AFS). Passengers can make one-way or round-trip bookings on flights to and from Black Rock City, or charter a whole plane. Please use the link below to access AFS’s flight-booking website and book your Burner Express Air flights.
Plane Bookings
If you have questions about flight bookings or Burner Express Air operations, please check the booking website below or the related FAQ. Still have a question? Please contact AFS at 775-852-3512 or email burners17@nulladvantageflight.com. Looking for the Burner Express Bus? It’s available as well!